Vicky Chiappari

Vicky Chiappari

| Managing Director

I am the mom of two wonderful daughters: Celeste and Sol, they are the driving force of my life. I am also an actress, social communicator and producer. Born in Argentina, just outside Buenos Aires, in a small town where the trees, the river and the sun taught me to love nature and appreciate the freedom that surrounds us all. It’s similar to what I feel when I am on stage. Now living in Canada, I had the opportunity to be part of many plays across the GTA, and my story continues.

Alexandra Montealegre

Alexandra Montealegre

| Artistic Director

My love and passion for performing arts make me a workaholic. In my spare time, I like to enjoy life with my family and friends as well as being in nature, do yoga, audio books, and live music. I am an Artistic Director, Theatre Director, Drama coach, Yoga instructor and Producer of professional theatre plays. My exposure to television production eventually served me as the foundation for the creation of a very successful artistic centre for children & young adults which operated for a number of years. Throughout my years of artistic work, I wrote, adapted, directed and produced over 25 theatre plays where the central themes were Unity, Love and Hope. In November 2019, I had the honour to obtain a Cultural Heritage Award, given by The Mississauga Heritage Award and been nominated City’s COVID Heroes Program by Mississauga City 2021.

Leticia Torrejon

| Production Manager

Born in Paraguay my passion for acting made me study theatre at a young age, emigrating to Canada 19 years ago where also joined different theatre plays such a Hamelin, Crossroad, Passion Play among others. Mother of four, writer and business owner. I love to spend time with my family specially with my grand daughter, go for walks, do Zumba, and listening to music. A good book has to be part of my day, as words are part of the magic of life. Try to live life to the fullest as my favorite quote, “In the end we only regret the chances we did not take.”

Alexandra González

| Production Project Manager

Born and raised in beautiful Colombia, I have made a part of me the Canadian multicultural and inclusive spirit. An engineer with years of experience in consultancy, I found my passion in education, coaching and human development. My dreams are big and wide, as the country I live in, never forgetting my Latino roots. I believe in people, their intrinsic goodness and the possibilities that are in the human heart. Working together with Alex Montealegre and The Players, we will continue to enrich the arts and bring people together with a purpose. We can always dream BIG and our dreams will come true.

Sandra Cardenas

Sandra Cárdenas

| Artistic Photographer

Photography has been a great passion in my life. My photographs allow me to tell stories, capturing emotions, feelings and people’s special moments. A photograph contrasts the eternal state of nature and the art of freezing the transitory time of the human being. I have a wide range of experience and expertise in corporate, events, interior, portraits, sports and performance photography.

Javier Lopez

| Artistic Photographer

I frankly believe that every project, big or small, is one of a kind, and every performance deserves its own exclusive visual style that engages the audience and draws them into the story. My goal in every Theatrical production is to help to achieve the director’s vision, and to ensure that the photography captures and impact the feelings, emotions and situations the play tells.

Our approach reflects the people we serve. We are diverse, yet the same.


Mississauga Players Theatre Group
  • Promote strong values and encourage self-reflection.
  • Encourage understanding and facilitate harmony among diverse communities.
  • Invigorate awareness and respect for nature and the environment.
  • Foster inclusiveness of the theater.
  • Endorse important humanistic themes and encourage audience to embrace a set of values, consistent with social harmony and protection of human rights.
  • Provide opportunities without limitations of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, orientation, or sexual identification.